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Street Preaching Stories

Gospel Jacket Crusade

There is (written in 1953) a laymen's movement going on among the Chinese over there called the Gospel Jacket Crusade. It started some years ago with a stuttering Christian who was burning with zeal for the Savior. He wanted to witness for Christ, but he had difficulty. Determined not to be silenced, he found two pieces of cardboard on which he wrote in large characters, "Good works will not save you," and "Believe on the Lord Jesus and be saved." These he hung, one in front and one behind like a sandwich man and walked slowly from one street to another. First one person and then another came up to read the words and he was soon accompanied by a crowd of men, women and children.

The interest aroused was so inspiring that soon other would-be witnesses followed his example, but they wrote verses on squares of white cloth which they sewed to their clothes. From city to city and town to town the movement spread; the white cloth squares were replaced by white sleeveless jackets, and the Christians started going together in bands, blowing trumpets and singing hymns. When they had collected a good crowd in some open space, they stopped and one of the number started to preach. As a result of this spontaneous gospel jacket crusade, many Christians have found they can witness, and thousands of listeners have confessed their sins and accepted Christ.

Queen of the Dark Chamber
Christiana Tsai