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Banners Unfurled
presents the 20th annual Beal Street Blast

A weekend of training for Street Preaching & Open-air Evangelism

May, 2018

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The BEALE STREET is held during the Memphis in May International Beale Street Music Festival. People come to Memphis from all over the world for this week-end of drinking and partying.

The BEALE STREET is a high-intensity weekend conference filled with soul-stirring singing and preaching, and breakouts with various topics of instruction you can choose from, all led by seasoned street preachers that have at least 100 years of experience among them. The highlight of the weekend, though, is taking what you´ve learned and going out on the street for about seven to ten hours to preach and witness to a crowd of 100,000 at the Beale Street Music Festival.

Our goal is to train and equip Christians who want to learn public evangelism using banners as a tool to draw people´s attention to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to communicate the gospel boldly, effectively and lovingly in a public setting.

Three days of great fellowship with other street preachers, classes & preaching that will sharpen us all and get our hearts ready to serve the Lord.

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Ken Lansing
3060 Woodhills Dr.
Memphis, TN 38128
Phone: 901 326-6379
Ken Lansing: ken@winfarms.com
Freida Lansing: freida@winfarms.com

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