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2008 Blast Videos

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On The Street - Beale Street

First Time Out

Good Test


Sergio Preaching

Singing & Marching

Standing Ground

Preaching & Teaching

Bro. Earl Ankrom

Bro. Dennis Black

Panel Questions and Answers

Bro. Joe Cammilleri

Bro. Tony Powell

Bro. Jimmy Hood

Bro. Earl Ankrom

Bro. Jim Walker

Singing - Music

God Wants to Hear You Sing

Great is Thy Faithfulness

His Life for Mine

His Mercy Endureth Forever

How Can We Reach a World

I Owe It All To You Lord

Making Me A Soldier

Turn The Tide

The Old Paths Choir

Take My Life

There Is No Condemnation

This I Know

When I Survey

The Walker Family
What A Savior What A Master

The Walker Family

The Walker Family

Scripture Quoting

Boys Ranch