Welcome to Banners Unfurled

Banner Production Requirements -- What does it take to make Banners?

It is our purpose to make the banners free of charge to people who intend to use them in public ministry (street preaching) in the United States and overseas. To this purpose if you want to make banners for yourself (optional, for others) we will supply the Tyvek material needed to produce durable banners to a person or group who will establish a production facility and that agrees:

  • That you will not charge anybody anything for the banners that you produce.
  • That you will pay all shipping costs.
  • That if you quit production you will return any unused materials to us.
  • That if you use over 20’ or more of the Tyvek for a purpose unrelated to street preaching you will reimburse Banners Unfurled at the current cost per foot.
  • That you will make no editorial changes to the Great White Throne Judgment banner.

What you need:

You need a facility that can be dedicated (more or less indefinitely) to the production of banners.

It needs:
  • To be well ventilated because of the nature of the vinyl dye material.
  • To be large enough to have the projector 6-8 feet away.
  • To be someplace that can stand a little damage.

Equipment and supplies:
  • An overhead projector.
  • A projector cart or table
  • Vinyl dye
  • An airbrush
  • A hobby air compressor

We will send you the Tyvek material and the transparency of the Great White Throne Judgment and others that are available.

We are Bible believers and attend Baptist churches and we reserve the right to weigh the doctrinal affiliations of any person or group that may wish to participate in this offer. If you would like to be considered for participation and we don’t know you please send us a brief statement of faith and church affiliation and it would be helpful for us to know your street preaching history or experience and current endeavors.